The Patterns I Loaded Onto The SD Card Aren’t Showing On The Display. Why?

A pattern loaded onto the sd card cannot be found when using the file manager on the display.

Check software version

go to Home > Setup > System Info. Ensure that your file Robot display is the up to date.

Check file extensions

Pattern file names should end with .QLI or .DXF. (If you can’t see any extension after a file, see our tutorial on showing file extensions.)

Files ending in .PDF are not valid pattern files. They will not work if uploaded to your display.

If the SD card cannot be read:

Set display to read from USB

go to Home > Setup > Configuration. Input the password, and then check the box that says “read pattern files from USB.”

  • copy patterns folder from SD card to USB root folder
  • Insert USB into display.
  • restart display.

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