What do the lights inside of the black Motor Box indicate?

A brief overview of the lights in the black motor box.


Program Running

If the green light in the lights pipe is flashing, then the robotics program is successfully running on the control board.

Restart (bootloader)

two lights will light up behind the plug for a few seconds, and then go off once the program is running. This indicates that the boot loader operates successfully.

Red Light

The red light indicates that the power supply is receiving power and functioning properly. (Note that no red light will appear if the power supply is external, since the red light is on the power supply.)

Move motor lights

Sometimes, lights will light up when the motor pulleys are turned. This is normal, and is used to indicate that the motor encoders are working correctly. (This feature has been deactivated in current Motor Boxes.)

Error Light

The error light is not currently in use.

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2 thoughts on “What do the lights inside of the black Motor Box indicate?

  1. Doree Terry says:

    I have a 10 inch tablet for my Butler system, Have not quilted for about 3 weeks, now ready to quilt but tablet will not turn on. Please help!

    1. qezsupport says:

      The tablet is battery powered, if it has been sitting for several weeks, most likely the battery is dead. To get it to power on, leave your machine / robotics on for about 10 minutes. Then using the power button on the side of the tablet, press and hold down for about 3 seconds. IF the battery is COMPLETELY dead it may require you to do a hard reset of the tablet. To do this, at the top of the tablet is a small hole that reads “reset”, using a paperclip, press the button inside, the tablet should then come up.

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