Why Doesn’t My Machine Sew When the Carriage is Moving?

The robotics moves the carriage but the machine isn’t stitching.

Make sure stitching is engaged

The needle will not engage unless the stitching icon is selected from the touch screen display. This icon appears as a needle with thread.


Make sure that the machine is powered on

Often times we forget to power on the machine. For obvious reasons the machine will not sew if it is not powered on.


Check that machine type is set

Make sure the machine type is set. This setting will revert when an update is run or if you select factory defaults.


Check belts

Ensure that your belts are attached properly and have adequate tension. The white X-belt should be face up while, and the black Y-belt should rotate the pulley on the top of the motor box counter clockwise as you bring the machine toward front.

Check encoder connections

Check if the encoder wires are securely attached to each encoder. Power off the machine then unplug and reinsert each encoder wire, listening for the click to indicate it has been securely inserted.

Check encoder wheels

If the encoder wires are properly attached, check that each encoder wheel turns freely when the wheel is firmly rolled against a surface.

Check stitch controller

Ensure that the stitch controller icon (the needle and thread) is selected. The icon will be highlighted in green when selected.


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