Butler Tutorials (Linux) 02 – How to Import and Remove Patterns

Main Points

The main points of this tutorial include:

  • how to import patterns via USB
  • how to add patterns via the edit or home menu
  • how to remove patterns

In this tutorial, we will cover how to import patterns via USB, and how to add and remove patterns.

Butler comes with a library of preloaded patterns. IF you want, you can also upload additional digitized patterns for use with Butler.

Insert a USB drive into your computer and open it.

To import patterns, place the pattern files in the top directory of a USB drive. (The top directory is what you see when you first open the USB drive on your computer.) Once the pattern is on the USB drive, plug the USB drive into the display.

Go to Home, File Manager. There are two fields on this screen. The first should contain the pattern that we want to import. Source declares at which memory source the pattern is located. You can select either Internal memory or USB Memory. Since our pattern is on the USB, select USB.

Press the blue file button. This screen shows the contents of the USB drive. Select your pattern file, then press ok.

The second field will contain the file where the pattern will be saved. You can save it to either internal or USB. Since we want it saved internally, select internal.

Press the blue file button. We could select any of these files to save the pattern in. If we just press ok, then the pattern will save to the bottom of this screen.

Now that we have set both the Source and Destination, press copy.

When we add a pattern, we will find our uploaded pattern.

You can add a pattern in one of two ways: the edit menu or the home menu. Selecting add pattern will take you to the pattern preview screen. Selecting a pattern from the menu at left will display a pattern preview at right. Press Select Pattern to add the pattern to your quilt area.

Once a pattern is loaded onto the quilt area, you can only add patterns from the home menu.

The currently selected pattern will have a green box around it. To remove the selected pattern, go to edit, then remove.

You may want to import patterns that you find online. To import patterns, place the pattern files in the top directory of a USB drive, and then plug the USB drive into the display.

In the next tutorial, we will go over how to move, size, and scale patterns.

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