Butler Tutorials (Linux) 03 – How to Move, Size, and Scale Patterns

Main Points

The main points of this tutorial include:

  • how to move or drag patterns
  • how to size patterns
  • how to scale or smart scale patterns

Butler allows you control over the size and orientation of your patterns right from the home screen.

First, let’s add a couple patterns. You can see that the second pattern loaded right on top of the first. To move the second pattern, go to edit, then move. You can now drag the pattern to where you would like it on the quilt area. The directional buttons in the bottom right corner can help you fine tune placement. When you are finished moving patterns, press the green check mark.

Let’s say I want to move a third pattern. If I go to edit, move, it will move the pair of ducks. If I want to move the third pattern, I need to make sure it is selected first. Go to edit, next. Continue selecting next until the desired pattern has a green box around it. We can now move the pattern as normal.

Butler also allows you to scale patterns to any dimension you want. Go to edit, scale. The scale window will show you a preview of the pattern. Drag the sliders to resize the pattern as desired. The green lock button will keep the pattern constrain the pattern proportions. Touch the lock if you would like to distort a pattern while resizing it. When you are finished, press OK.

Butler also allows you to smart scale a pattern. Smart Scale will scale a pattern to fill in the dimensions of the quilt area or pattern box.

In the next tutorial, we will discuss how to set patterns into an odd shaped quilt block.

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