I Accidentally Updated My 5 Inch Screen Using A 7 Inch Update. How Do I Fix It?

Follow Instructions

Follow these instructions to get the 7 inch screen update to work with the 5 inch screen.

1. Remove the SD card from the rear of the Remote Screen.
2. Place the SD card into the SD card reader on your computer.
3. There should be two folders visiable on your SD card. “Butler” and “Calibration”
4. Go into the Butler folder.
5. Remove the file called “screen.conf”
6. Download this ZIP file. http://www.quiltez.com/download/firmware/3.06_Upgrade_5inch/gtkrc_5.zip
7. Save it to your desktop.
8. Extract files from the ZIP. You should have three files. “gtkrc”, “gtkrc_5″, and “system”.
9. Copy these three files to the “Butler” folder on the SD card. Make sure these file are in the Butler folder on the SD card.
10. Place the SD card back into the Remote and restart.
11. The screen should be correct for the 5inch screen.

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