Perfect Stitch Tutorials 03 – Advanced Features and Diagnostics

03 – Advanced Features and Diagnostics

Main Points

The main points of this tutorial include:

  • overview of advanced features and diagnostics
  • overview of system information and log
  • how to update the system
  • overview of maintenance counter
  • overview of diagnostics
  • how to jog a stuck needle

In this video, we will cover advanced features and diagnostics in the File menu.

Time Out in advanced settings lets you set how long in seconds a stitching mode will stay engaged without detecting any input from the quilter. Detecting input means that the encoders on the carriage and frame of your machine are no longer sending movement information to Perfect Stitch.

System Information provides information about the current software of your system. This is usually accessed to see if an update is available or during troubleshooting.

System log is a history actions the machine has taken, including detecting errors. Pressing reset will temporarily clear the log; if you exit and re-enter the system log, the log will be restored. Save allows you to save the log to a USB drive, and will permanently remove the log from the machine. This is used in some cases for trouble shooting.

Update system is used to update Perfect Stitch software and any other Quilt-EZ devices via USB.

Update Machine is used to update Perfect Stitch software via USB.

Maintenance is used to check on the machine maintenance counter. Manufacturer recommendations for most machines require that a quilting machine be oiled for every 8 hours of use. The maintenance button displays a notice of how many hours remain until the next scheduled oiling. Pressing the reset sets the schedule back to 8 hours. If you use the machine for more than 8 hours, Perfect Stitch will remind you that the machine needs to be oiled.

Robot Demo Interface activates a product demonstration of the robotics user interface. This is used mostly in commercial settings and shouldn’t need to be activated.

Disable Robot Port and Disable Rear Port will deactivate ports on the rear of the machine. This is used largely for troubleshooting and should not be used without being directed to do so.


Diagnostics provides data from the various sensors and inputs of your perfect stitch device. Pressing a button will cause it to display its respective readings. Pressing the motor settings buttons will prompt you for a password. Motor settings, if changed improperly, can damage your machine and should only be changed by an authorized technician.

Handle bar buttons will test whether Perfect Stitch is sending and receiving handle bar button inputs.

Needle up tests the needle up needle down inputs.

The Jog Dial is used to jog a needle that is stuck and refuses to move. Position mode will apply power to the motor in order to move the machine to the specified position, while power mode will apply power as you turn the dial. Negative settings of the jog Dial will cause the motor to run in reverse.

When needed, Power Mode is recommended to jog your machine.

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