Butler Tutorial 10 (Linux) – How to Record Free Motion

Main Points

The main points of this tutorial include:

  • how to record free motion
  • how to save a free motion recording

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to record free motion quilting as a digitized quilt pattern. Butler allows you to create your own patterns by recording your own free motion quilting. To record, go to home, free motion. The crosshairs represent the current location of the needle. You can record with or without the stitch controller activated. To begin recording, press start at the top right. Movements of the needle will now be recorded and a black line will trace the pattern. When finished, press stop. You can now either press start to record over the just recorded pattern, or save to save the pattern. To Save, input a title for the new pattern, then press ok. The Pattern is now saved in the top, or root, folder of the internal memory. It can be added to the quilt area just as any other pattern, or exported via USB.

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One thought on “Butler Tutorial 10 (Linux) – How to Record Free Motion

  1. Roberta Leschber says:

    when will you start posting for the new 10″ screen? it’s icons are different.
    Also I cannot find in the book or on line about nesting patterns with just one start at the beginning and one stop at the end. It wants to start at the second set.
    Please hurry with the new articles for those of us with the newest set up. Thank You.

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