Why am I getting so Many Random Errors When I Try and Boot Up the Machine?

Random display errors on the Display at boot up. Sometimes you can get to the home screen, sometimes not.

Do the lights light up properly on the PCB Box?

After boot up, the lights on the PCB should have the bottom two lit up, as pictured below. For more about the meaning of the lights, check out What do the Lights On My Control Box (PCB Box) Mean?


If Yes:

The Display may be corrupted. Try reinstalling the latest version of display software to replace any corrupted files.

If No:

If the wrong lights are on, then consult What do the Lights On My Control Box (PCB Box) Mean?

If no lights are on, something is shorting out the PCB box.

Determine where the short is

Remove the PCB box from the machine. Unplug all the wires from the PC Board. Add them back one at a time, powering on the system anew after each wire is added. Use this method to determine where the short is.

If the Index is causing the short:

Inspect the index for foam insulation to see if it is damaged or tightly compressed. unscrew the nuts from the two screws and remove the index from the backet. reinsert the index into PCB box and boot up machine. ensure the index isn’t touching metal on and after boot up. If the machine boots up well, then the insulation isn’t properly protecting the sensor from the metal bracket. Re-insulate with foam, or use something suitable (a folded piece of duct tape, for example) to keep the index from shorting out the system.

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