Why did my Handle Bars burn up and Smoke when I plugged the Robotic unit in?

Smoke came from the handle bars when the robotic unit was turned on.

Check cable connections

If this is an integrated system, then the handle bars need to be plugged into the handle bar port. The Handle bar port doesn’t transfer power. In most cases, burn out occurs when we plug the handle bars mistakenly into the Stitcher Box port. The Stitcher Box port does transfer power, and can result in damage to the machine.

If the cable is plugged into the handle bar port and the handle bars still burned up, the unit will need to come in for an evaluation to determine what is wrong.

Does the robotic unit need to come in for repair?

Connect the robot as you would to an unintegrated system. (run the display wire to the remote port.) If the system boots up, has a flashing green or red light inside of it, and operates as normal, than the robotic unit does not need to come in for repair.

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