Nolting machine won’t start stitching at first or has inconsistent stitching with Butler or PerfectStitch

If your Nolting machine is not stitching a it should and you have already been through the steps to set machine type or motor load ratio, then you might be running into a timing issue with the machine. Nolting has recommended these steps to reset the hook timing on the machine.

  1. remove the bobbin and bobbin case
  2. remove the throat plate
  3. turn the thumb wheel clockwise so the needle bar is at its lowest position
  4. look through the hook assembly you should now be able to see half of the eye of the needle. If you can’t you can adjust the needle by loosening the screw through the front handle and setting the needle at the proper position. Retighten the screw.
  5. with the needle bar at its lowest position, notice the marks on the needle bar. Most machines will have five marks, some of the old machines will only have two marks.
  6. determine which mark is lined up with the needle bar bushings rotate the thumbwheel clockwise until the next mark lines up in its place. This should be about 3/32nds of an inch. This is the proper position of the timing hook.
  7. loosen the three big screws at the back of the hook assembly.
  8. align the hook point to the back of the needle and slightly to the left side of the needle
  9. set the point of the hook so close to the needle that it looks like it is touching, be careful that is not flexing the needle.
  10. tighten the three set screws and rotate the thumbwheel all the way around clockwise to make sure the needle doesn’t touch anything. If the needle hits or catches you will have to re-adjust it. If the needle clears then you can reassemble everything, thread the machine and you are done.

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