How to Delete Patterns and Tags

When you locate the tag tab you have a few options.

To delete a single pattern

  1. Locate the pattern
    1. you can search all patterns
    2. or select “Select Tag” from the top to narrow the search.
  2. tap the picture of the pattern you would wish to remove, it will highlight orange
  3. select Delete from the top

To delete multiple patterns

  1. follow the same steps but makes sure that “Multi-Select” is checked in the top left corner

To delete entire tags (This will only remove the tag not the patterns inside)

  1. make sure that “Edit Tags” is checked in the lower right corner
  2. highlight the tag(s) that you would like to delete from the list above
  3. select the minus button
  4. You will get a prompt asking if you are sure select OK

The tag will still display until you leave the screen and come back.

Be careful as deleting cannot be undone.


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