Motor Box will not Update (Android Tablet)

Check for communication issues

  1. Check the TX and RX boxes on the display to see if the motor box is communicating. If the boxes are red you have a communication error.
  2. Go into the System information and check to see if the motor box version is displaying.
    • From the machine screen, select the folder icon from the top, then select Advanced, and then select System Information.
    • From the robot screen select settings from the left, then the Updates tab at the top, and then select System Information.
    • If the robot version is displaying N.C. (No Communication) Click here to troubleshoot communication issues then try the update again.

Try to run the robot directly from the tablet

Sometimes the robot can have a hard time updating from the 4.0 software that comes with the standard screen, to the 5.0 software that comes with the Android tablet when ran through a control box. If a tablet has been recently installed, and the setup uses the Stitcher Box port on the motor box, follow these steps.

  1. Power everything down
  2. Unplug the network cable from the Stitcher Box port and from the Robotics port on the control box
  3. Plug this network cable (or another if you received more than one) Into the Remote port on the motor box
  4. Plug the other end of the network cable directly into the RJ45 network port on the hub (the little black box on the back of the tablet) remove the existing cable
  5. Power on the Robot, which should in turn power on the tablet
  6. If the update is not automatically prompted select Settings then select Update Robot

After the robot updates return the setup back to normal.

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