How to Update to 5.1.9 (Android Tablet Only)

There has been a small change in the code for the update system. For this version only the application will need to be installed manually. Follow the steps below to update the system properly. All future updates will be able to overwrite the previous software automatically. If your tablet doesn’t have access to WiFi, then you can update from a USB by following the guide located here.

  1. Open the System Information
    1. Robotics/Robotics Only
      1. Select Settings 
      2. Under the Updates tab select System Info
         update   system
    2. PerfectStitch/PerfectStitch Only
      1. Select the File Menu
      2. Select Advanced
      3. Select System Information
    3. Select Check for Update
    4. The screen will display the following text
    5. The Check for Update button will now Display Download, select Download
    6. Once the download completes you will be prompted to install. DO NOT select Install, instead select Cancel
      update app
    7. Select the Android Home Icon from the bottom left corner of the screen to go to the desktop (If you do not see the Home icon, try to slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen)
    8. Select the Application Icon from the bottom center or top right corner of the screen
    9. Uninstall the PerfectStitch (or Quilt Magician) application by holding your finger and dragging then dropping on the trash can at the top of the screen (The trash can will appear after you hold your finger on the Perfect Stitch icon for a second. You must be on the application screen to uninstall, if you are on the desktop only the shortcut will be removed).
      PS      trash
    10. Select the ApkInstaller application
    11. Select Install—Internal memory—Download
      insta int dl2
    12. Select the PerfecStitch_Update.apk file from the list on the right
    13. A prompt will appear asking you to Install the file, select Next, then Install
      update app install
    14. A prompt for Google to check your device for security issues will appear, select either accept or decline according to your privacy preferences
    15. Allow the install to complete and then select Open
    16. You may be prompted to install an update for the machine, select the green check mark if this happens, if you have a robot you may receive the prompt as well
    17. Follow steps 1-2 and check to make sure the display version reads 5.1.9
      *If you do not have a robot or QuiltEZ electronics your Robot or Machine version may read N.C.
    18. And that is it! you are ready to use the latest version!

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