Upgrade to 5.1.9 Without a WiFi Connection (Android Only)

If you do not have a WiFi connection for your tablet you can update from a USB drive. Follow these instructions to update via a USB flash drive.

  1. Download the update file by clicking here.
  2. Save the file to a USB flash drive.
  3. Select the Android Home icon on the tablet to go to the desktop.
  4. Insert the drive into one of the ports on the hub located behind the tablet.
  5. Select the Application icon from the bottom center or the top right (Appears as six little white squares).
  6. Uninstall PerfectStitch by holding your finger on the icon for a second, when the trashcan appears at the top drag the icon and drop it on the trashcan. (You must be on the application screen to uninstall the program, if you do this from the desktop only the shortcut will be removed.)
    PS trash
  7. Select the ApkInstaller application.
  8. Select Install then USB memory.
    insta USB
  9. Select PerfectStitch.apk from the right.
  10. Follow the prompts to install the application.
    update app
  11. Select Open, and that is it!

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