Pattern Shifting on the Quilt

If the pattern seems to be getting off on one or both directions this is most often due to a belt slipping. The machine will move, but the pulley which tracks the movement for the system will not turn making the system think that it did not move momentarily. In rare cases it can be caused by a break in communication. In these instances the system will likely get off on both axes.

  1. Make sure that the belts are engaged. The belts can be disengaged for free motion quilting, make sure you did not forget to reengage them.
    1. The white belt is engaged when the locking lever is faced away from center.
    2. The black belt is engaged when the carriage bracket is attached (The bracket the black belt attaches to in the center, varies by machine).
  2. Make sure the pulleys on the motor box are free from thread. Thread can make the pulley slip. Check on and behind the pulleys for thread.
    img_0918 img_0917
  3. Inspect the belt for missing teeth or stretch marks. If there are missing teeth or the belt seems stretched out in a location then the belt will need to be replaced.
  4. Tighten the belt that the issue is occurring on. Belts can be adjusted by adjusting the eye bolts that they connect to. If there is no eye bolt then you will need to remove the belt clamp, pull the belt tight, then reattach the belt clamp.
    1. A white belt should have between a half inch and an inch with the machine in the center of the frame.
    2. A black belt should have about 1/4″ of play with the machine in the center of the frame.
      capture2         capture3
  5. If none of these steps help the issue may be communication failure. This is very rare.
    1. Power off and check all connections. Make sure that they are all secure.
    2. Make sure that there are no cables that can be tugged on while the machine is moving.
    3. Make sure that the square cable that plugs into the top of the Android is secure (if applicable).

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