24v Compatibility

To tell if your hub is compatible with the control box and the back you will need to view the boards. Most systems you will be able to simply remove the fan cover, but systems like the A1 will require you to remove the back cover. We need to know this information to ensure you’re provided with the proper USB hub.

dsc02652      dsc02651

To tell if your Control Box is compatible with your hub you will need to check the version on the hub. On the side of the hub there is a sticker:

  1. Red sticker that notes: 24V
  2. White sticker that notes: 9V

In the picture above you can see a white board close to the top of the picture.

If you have the white board this means you need the 9V hub.

If you do not have the white board, this means you need the 24V hub.

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