Why do I get a communication error on my Android tablet when I turn on my machine?

Click here to download the communication troubleshooting cheat sheet. 

If you have the problem when you boot up your display and see the message “your system is unable to communicate” STOP and follow the steps below.  The tablet needs to talk to the black box on the back of the tablet (Hub) which needs to talk to your machine or robotics (depending on your setup).  Sometimes the signal jams and therefor it does nothing and both the motor box and the hub sit there trying to receive a signal.

Make sure there is no USB plugged into the hub when powering on

If there is  a USB  flash drive plugged in when the program is starting, it may cause communication issues. Also a wired mouse or a wireless mouse that uses a USB are not compatible with the system. These devices will draw too much power from the hub and make it so it cannot communicate.

Close and reopen the application

On initial boot up of your tablet, you will most likely have to perform this operation.

  1. close-and-reopenGo home on your 10” display (This is the Android Home icon located in the lower left of the screen).
  2. Click the double window icon button next to the Home Icon at the bottom left side of your display. You will notice it will bring up all your open applications.
  3. Hold down your finger on the PerfectStitch box.
  4. Then select “Remove From List” (You can also swipe right, or down depending on the tablet to close the PerfectStitch application prior to holding your finger on the PerfectStitch box).
  5. Tap anywhere and then tap on the PerfectStitch icon to reopen the PerfectStitch application, check to see if communication has been reestablished.

Power cycle system

  1. Power down everything robot, machine, and then tablet (If no robot power off machine then tablet).
  2. Do not forget to make sure the tablet is powered off (A blank screen does not mean the tablet is powered off. Tap, do not hold, the power button. If nothing comes up on the display the tablet is off)
  3. Check and make sure that all cables are securely fastened
  4. Power back on; robot, machine, and then tablet (If no robot power on machine then tablet. The tablet may power on automatically).
  5. Check to see if communication has been reestablished.


Make sure all cables are correctly hooked up

  1. Refer to your installation guide to make sure that all cables are in the correct ports.
  2. Make sure that the micro USB (square cable coming into the tablet) is completely pushed in.
  3. If you have a 10″ tablet make sure the micro USB cable is connected to the host port and NOT the USB port.
  4. Unplug the micro USB cable. Wait 10 seconds and plug back in. The application should launch when you reconnect the cable.
    img_0717          img_0718
  5. Check to see if communication has been reestablished.
  6. If not, Unplug the network cable (phone jack style cable) from the hub (the black box located behind the tablet), wait 10 seconds and plug back in.
  7. Follow the “close/reopen” steps again.



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