Robotics has Jerky Movements.

Because the Butler robotics can go on several different machines all with different characteristics:  some are heavy, some are light.  Some roll smoothly on their carriage, others are stiff etc.  This document is going to go through some tips and tricks that can be done to help the robotics system run smoothly.

  1. Confirm the belts are “taught”.
    1. You don’t want these to be like a piano string, but you also don’t want them “floppy”; a good middle medium is best.
    2. It is also important to note, these are rubber belts.  Over time they will wear, stretch and need to be tightened and potentially replaced.
      1. An easy way to know if it needs to be replaced is if at any location the fibers inside the belt are protruding out of the belt.  Or if at any section of the belt it is “stretchy”, like a rubber band.  The fibers inside the belt are to prevent the belt from stretching.  If it is stretchy, then most likely the fibers have loosened and the belt needs to be replaced.
        1. You can purchase new belts here:
      2. It is much easier to replace a small belt because of wear then the entire pulley system because the track it was riding on wore it down.
  2. If your jerky movements only happen in an out of a corner, it may be caused by your machine’s weight.
    1.   Follow this video to go over and better understand the acceleration and curvature on the robotic system.
    2. If you have not upgraded to the Android system yet, this is available for any of the older models, you can get to the settings by going to the:  Home – Setup – constants.

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