Testing E. Stop Values

The E. stop value gauges how quickly the system will stop and throw an error when it encounters resistance. It helps prevent burning up motors. The lower the value the more sensitive the system will be to resistance. The value that you want this set at can vary from project to project, depending on quilt thickness, belt tension, which machine you have, etc. That being said there is no hard and fast rule. This page will help you determine where the E. Stop value should be set for your project.

  1. On test fabric, put your needle in the down position.
  2. Load any pattern on the quilt area.
  3. Select Go from the Home menu.
  4. The needle will drag through the test fabric as it tries to move to the start.
  5. Then you will get a motor related error.
  6. Adjust the E. Stop value until the error message is thrown just before the quilt tears.
  7. Too high could break needles and too low will throw errors at the tiniest resistance.