Downgrade to 5.1.9

Ok anyone who wants to roll back down to 5.1.9 then download this here: (it does say 5.1.0 but don’t worry)

After you successfully install the downgrade you may have to turn off your machine, tablet, and robot and then turn them back on.

A pdf guide to install apk’s is here…

To install this downgrade, you do it the exact same way that you did the update.. here is the apk………

If you have a perfect stitch regulator, it is ok to leave it at 5.35, you do not need to push it down. Tin Lizzie 18 machines should still have machine version 4.38 or something in the 4 range.

Some tablet don’t work with our old version… if your machine does not communicate or it says could not load settings profile then you need to put the update back on…..

Advanced Files: Please don’t download these without permission from Quilt EZ

Beta U

5.35 Firmware