How to Perform Updates

Performing an update may reset your GUI and Machine Type….so refer to those under ‘most common questions’ to verify you have the right ones after you have updated.

For users how have the Quilt EZ stitch regulator electronics, (Perfect Stitch) …. then your machine type is fine you do not need to be concerned.

Users with ‘unintegrated’ machines…or those who had a Butler robot installed on their machines that already had electronics on them should verify their Machine Type after the install. (pdf guide soon to come. Simply go to settings in your robot, then ‘machine’ and see what machine type you have.)

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How to install update if your tablet is not connected to wifi:      update apk without tablet wifi

How to install update if your tablet is connected to wifi:             update apk with tablet on wifi

How to connect your tablet to wifi and email:                                how to set up wifi and email