Quilt EZ: Before You Call

Before you Call Quilt EZ:

There are may variations of brackets, sewing machines, carriages, tablets, software, and firmware updates. Quilt EZ has marketed Linux displays, Android tablets, Butler robots, and stitch regulators known as the ‘Perfect Stitch’ system. Amidst the wonderful myriad of these variations, it is necessary that we know specifically what product you have in order to best assist you.

Please Have This Information Ready:

• Name

• Contact: Email and Phone

• Address

• Dealer (where did you buy your sewing machine and related products)

• Machine Type

• When did you buy your sewing machine and related products?

• Your System Information (Can’t find it? Follow this pdf guide to show you how.. check system info )

• Your machine’s wiring and components…use this pdf guide here: what parts do I have?

•System Information Entails:
– Display Version
– Robot Version
– Machine Version


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