Video Tutorial-How to use your Android

How to use your Android

how to use the info feature in the robot

access wifi with your tablet

close and restart the sewing application completely without powering off the tablet

assign handle buttons

Android Basics

Quick tablet rules of thumb

  • Always tap the power button to see if the tablet is merely sleeping. It will wake up if it was asleep
  • You can adjust how long it takes for the tablet screen to go black by going to the tablet’s setting, display, sleep
  • The only way for a tablet to turn off is if you hold the power button down a few seconds, then push power off when the screen prompts you
  • Tap the power button. If a battery icon appears, the tablet is charging. You will see a battery icon
  • Tap the power button. If no battery icon appears- no charger is connected to the tablet, or charger is turned off. Quilting machine or robot are considered chargers, as well as conventional wall plugs.
  • If a tablet won’t turn on, it is probably out of battery. Leave the quilting machine on so that the tablet can charge.
  • If a tablet won’t hold a charge. Make sure that your assumption is right. If the screen merely goes black, the tablet may have simply fallen asleep.
  • Some tablets automatically turn on when a power source is connected to them.

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