Video Tutorial-Import Patterns & Manage Tags

How to install Quilt Manager

The videos below were filmed using a 10″ PIPO tablet. More detailed information will be available soon about some of the other tablet models.

Where to Find Patterns, What File Types Can I Use?

Unfortunately due to ethical concerns, we cannot directly recommend any locations to find digital patterns. However a quick Google search of the term “digitized patterns” will give you a wealth of options to download patterns. As you search keep in mind that our robotic systems are compatible with QLI, DXF, QCC, 4QB, and CQP file types. Make sure that the source offers at least one of the options.

How to Export Your Patterns to PDF, and then see your PDF on a computer

How to Export Patterns, Create Database Backups, and Export Patterns to PDF

How to Import Patterns, Database Files, Patterns, PNG & Jpeg to Quilt Manager